The recommended prices for conference attendance and accommodation at the Loëx ecosite (Mamajah) are as follows. It is possible to pay more or less depending on your situation. You can pay on the spot during your visit but prepayments are recommended so that we can know how many people to expect:

Price for conferences and entrance at the Loëx ecosite : 11 swiss francs CHF or 10 euros  / day or 33CHF (30 euros)/ 5 days
Dormitory: 22CHF (20 euros) / per night (confirmation of payment is required to book a place)
Camping: 5.5 CHF (5 euros) / per night

The payment can be made to the following account: (and please e-mail us)
Association Veggie Pride Genève, Ch. De Grange-Canal 28 A, 1208 Genève, Switzerland
Banque Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, 4601 Olten 1 Fächer, Switzerland
IBAN CH04 0839 0032 1138 1000 1

If you want to register or book places in the dormitory you just have to send us an e-mail with the following informations:

1) First name:
2) Last name:
3) E-mail:
4) Number of nights in the dormitory (22CHF or 20euros/night):
5) Number of nights in the camping (5.5CHF or 5euros/night):
6) Number of persons:
7) Special price for all conferences (33CHF or 30euros/all conferences)(please put yes or no):
8) If you only want to come for some days, number of days when you will be assisting to the conferences (10euros/day):
9) Notes:

We will send you then an e-mail with the advized price, and after payement we will confirm your registration.


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